Are Secure Gated Communities Necessary?

Living in a fortress might seem a bit extreme, but there are now gated communities where security is the main issue for those who seek a home. People see the ability to control entrance as a security measure, and they expect their family will have additional protection from the possibility of criminal activity. Modern developers have noted the popularity of these communities, and they are installing the latest innovations in the security field to make their properties even more desirable. Security has taken on a whole new meaning in today’s real estate market, and homeowners are willing to pay good money to get it.

Safety First

Many new developments are built with the idea of safety for residents in mind, and they are often marketed to people with children. There are many ways children can be injured, so keeping them safe is a priority for parents. Playgrounds are now designed to offer a wider range of entertainment to the youngest members of the community, but they also give the adults charged with taking care of them a sense of security. Areas where children can be hurt are extremely limited, and it makes buying into the development more attractive.

Gate Keeping

While it is nice to have a gate, lack of a gatekeeper can make a development seem less secure. Many new communities charge a hefty fee for this service, but the residents are willing to pay for a security officer to be present at all times. Those who are not residents or regular workers within the community must check in with the guard for entrance, and they need a legitimate reason to be allowed in. It allows the residents to feel they have control over who is in their neighbourhood, and the additional security keeps insurance costs lower.

Electronic Monitoring

The world of electronics has expanded greatly over the last few decades, and security has applied many of the recent innovations to keeping homeowners safe. For a gated community, CCTV Bolton is a way to offer security throughout the development without the need for additional guards. They can hire one guard to monitor the gate, and another can view selected areas of the community through a computer. The system can be ordered from and installed by i Security as the development is being built, and additions to it can be made as the community expands. This type of security is becoming more popular, and the ability to monitor it remotely, by professionals, has become a selling point for real estate agents.

Homes today are an important part of life, and being able to feel safe within them is part of what buyers now consider when looking at homes. While many communities suffer from a lack of feeling that it is an old-fashioned neighbourhood setting, gated communities are recreating that feeling for their residents especially with the addition of modern Bolton alarms installed. Guards at the community entrance are part of the feeling of safety, and monitoring of public areas by other security personnel has become one of the key ways new developments are building in a sense of security as well as a feeling of belonging to the community.