Exterior Building Options for Low Maintenance

Structures need a fair amount of maintenance to keep them from developing costly issues, so builders have found a variety of product that will help keep down maintenance costs. Many of them are interior options that will keep the structure from developing plumbing or electrical issues, but exterior options have always been a first consideration for builders. They have always wanted to offer low maintenance for the outside, and modern suppliers have come up with a wide range of exteriors that will help them give customers the look they want without excessive wear. From the top on down, there are plenty of options to explore before construction begins.

Roofing Options

One of the most important parts of any structure exterior is the roof, and keeping it intact with little maintenance is an option customers are willing to invest in for longevity. New structures are often built with maintenance in mind, so the design of the structure includes looking at all roofing options currently available. One of the longest lasting roofing options is actually clay roofing tiles that has been a fixture in Mediterranean designs for centuries. Unfortunately, they do not go well with some of the modern designs, but there is also slate and metal sheet roofing that will last nearly as long. Depending upon the design limits, a roof that will last half a century is a good option for today’s builders.

Long Wear Walls

A structure without walls will never keep in the heat or cool, so they are an important consideration during the design and construction phases. Commercial companies are not interested in high maintenance costs, and residential customers want walls that will stay pristine for decades. There are many options when it comes to durable siding, but not all customers want that type of look. Some of them are interested in exterior walls that will have a more permanent look, so using dried aggregates or resin bound aggregates to form walls that will require little maintenance has become an option designers suggest. There are many different sizes and colours available through Pennine Aggregates for any design a customer might want.

Keeping Exterior Colours Alive

Modern paints are now manufactured to adhere to surfaces with little chipping or fading for years, and builders are taking advantage of this to satisfy their customers. Painted buildings used to be difficult to maintain because they required a new coat of paint every few years, but that is no longer an issue. Low maintenance paints that will stay bright and fresh have become a normal offering for new construction as well as remodelling, and customers are willing to pay a premium price so they can skip the maintenance the less expensive brands require.

Planning has become a large part of any construction project, and looking at exterior options that will last has become a routine part of conferences with clients. They do see their initial investment will be more expensive, but the lack of excessive maintenance is an ideal way for them to recoup their costs in the future. For some of them, many of the expenses of exterior maintenance can be delayed for decades with the right choices.